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Viper's Fortnite Event

It was a blast! Viper’s Fortnite was an epic first time event, and we are inviting Viper back for more SOON! Make sure you join our mailing list to hear more when we have news!

Black Tree Paintball

Black Tree, like you’ve never seen before.


It’s Texas 2025, and the United States is in a civil war of unparalleled proportions. Technology was supposed to free everyone and give more options and make life easier but has instead imprisoned everyone. Corporations took over in an instant, and left the government as a ruined husk. Or so they thought was the case. To fight this terror, a new team would be fighting, harder and more vicious than ever before, with one goal…restore America. To resist, the Techies have eyes on everyone and everything.


Black Tree Paintball is pleased to announce our regular hours for our 60-acre paintball complex.  Saturday – Sunday (9a-5p) We are constantly adding and changing our facilities, come out and play!  If you are looking for a location to host your next birthday party, corporate event, or gathering, you’ve found it!  We host events all week long, anytime.

Our Black Tree Paintball staff and referees strive to bring the same unparalleled level of customer service our clients have come to expect and appreciate in everything we do.

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