Black Tree Paintball

Black Tree, like you’ve never seen before.


Black Tree Paintball is pleased to announce our summer hours for our 60 acre paintball complex.  Saturday – Sunday (9a-5p) We are constantly adding and changing our facilities, come out and play!  If you are looking for a location to host your next birthday party, corporate event, or gathering, you’ve found it!  We host events all week long, anytime.

Our Black Tree Paintball staff and referees strive to bring the same unparalleled level of customer service our clients have come to expect and appreciate in everything we do.

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Black Tree Paintball is excited to inform our players about the changes coming soon to our fields as well as the check-in and staging areas for the Black Tree Paintball Complex.



For starters, the restroom facilities are underway and will be complete within the next few weeks. No more porta-potties! Next, we have started the buildout of the burger stand and we hope to have it completed very soon.


The most exciting thing, however, is the clearing of land for the turf on our new 150 foot by 120 foot NXL field! Bleachers will be available for viewing. We are also in the process of planning another area to purchase paint and water so players will not have to walk back to the staging area. More photos will be posted on our Instagram and Facebook as the complex continues to improve.


The Apocalypse field is now being expanded, more bunkers are being added, as well as two additional themed fields and two fields large enough for event play with open areas, woods, valleys, hills and bridges, as well as structures that are being constructed. We will be posting a map of the new field layouts soon.



We are excited about the preparations we are making for Viper’s “Fortnite” at Black Tree Paintball, the event will be held April 12-14, 2019 and we hope to see you there!