April 12, 2019

No one seems to know, or understand, what has happened. All they know is that one evening they were all playing an online video game, when they suddenly found that they could not escape it. One minute they were sitting comfortably, holding phones and tablets and controllers when, suddenly, that part of their existence simply was gone. All they knew…all they could feel…..was their in-game presence. More and more people started showing up in this mega-map…all with the same story, and with no way out. Those who were trapped here only shared one thing in common. They all knew, somehow, that the only way back home was to survive the game.

Did you survive?  Submit your footage here. 


Final Battle: War Run

Scenario: Are You Ready?

Final Battle: Hype Video


Final Battle: Vantage Point A

Final Battle: Vantage Point B

Battleground: Flyover

In Scenario: Footage