November 14 – 15, 2020

storyline coming soon.

COVID-19 Update

Please note – Black Tree is keeping close eye on the COVID-19 situation. Should we have to to cancel or reschedule, we will offer full refunds to those who cannot attend. Sales will be final if no changes are made. We hope you are all happy and healthy.


A note from VIPER.

We encourage players to purchase everything they need when they register. (Entry, air, and whatever paint you plan to use) Of course you will be able to buy more after the event starts. However, if everyone will get what they initially need this will speed up check-in for everyone.

With the above in mind, we plan to have multiple check-in lines for those who have already purchase air and paint along with their entry. NOTHING CAN BE PURCHASED IN THESE LINES. You will simply need to walk up, sign in, and receive your player packet. These lines will be divided alphabetically by last name. With nothing else going on these lines should move very quickly. Please wear something that covers your nose and mouth when checking in.

There will be line for people who only paid entry, but need air and/or paint. THIS LINE WILL MOVE MORE SLOWLY. PLEASE PREPAY FOR PAINT AND AIR WHEN YOU REGISTER SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO WAIT IN THIS LINE.

Prizes will be drawn for at the top of each hour, during the event. All prizes will be given out as they are drawn for. There will be a dry erase board at Central Command with winners posted. Winners will have one hour to claim their prize.

There will be no closing ceremony. Scores will be posted, here on the group, as soon as they are finalized. This should be somewhere around 2:30 PM on Sunday. Commanders will let me know the award winners, and I will ship the award pennants to the individuals, or the team captain in the case of team awards.

Registration Modification
If you are interested in upgrading more than one box or pre-purchasing more, just do the math and add it here.
$ 0.00